Heather Rivenburg

Marketing Mastermind | Brand Manager |Chief Marketing Officer

In the beginning, I’m a watcher, a thinker, an analyzer. And then BOOM, I jump into action, with crazy passion about what can and should be done. When my “aha” ignites, there is no end to my drive – I can be mad competitive and tireless in my desire to forge a path and achieve big results.

Most people see me as Mom – always there in the background, always raising others up and generally putting myself last. This makes me giggle. Because although my mom-ness is something I am deeply proud of, if you spend a little time in my orbit you will see the bolder side of me – the brash risk-taker that loves to push herself out of her comfort zone just to see if she can conquer a goal.

I’ve always found the status quo to be a status NO. My career is no different. Heck I took a pause 10 years into my marketing career to become a career firefighter. Why? I wanted to serve my community, but I also wanted to see if I could do it. (PS – I did it and I did it well)!!

I am a motivated leader with 20 years of experience in brand development, public relations, project management and have superb marketing and communication skills. Areas of expertise include: creating strategic marketing plans, digital marketing research, and brand creation. I’ve worked with newspapers (The Washington Post and The Virginian-Pilot), trade magazines (Hanley Wood), direct mail companies, professional services firms, and have spent the last decade focused on Hospitals and Healthcare (Saratoga Hospital, Glens Falls Hospital, Jon S. Frank & Associates). I possess what I think is the perfect blend of business acumen and creativity and I am a pro at building teams and gaining consensus. I prioritize perpetual learning and love studying today’s vastly changing marketing and communication technology.

I bring a unique perspective because I get it – I get how people think, how they act, what they really respond to – and I don’t bullshit. Whether I am working with you or for you, first I watch, then I research, then I tell it like it is and I always get it done.