Marketing Process


MadAddie Marketing Process

The art of building strategic marketing strategies is a very organic process. Our formula, which changes based on each client's specific needs, includes many of the following steps.


  • Understanding the client's expected outcomes
  • Company products & services
  • Company competitors
  • Targeted audience (clients-customers)
  • Company core ideologies
  • Client team members & resources

Research & Strategy Scope of Work | Detailed description of work that needs to be done, costs and tentative timeline

2. DELIVER DETAILED SCHEDULE | We use Google Drive to share work progress, files, schedules, project management details, document approvals, hours of work, and invoices. This allows us to share everything about the process with our clients.


  • Market Industry Research & Report
  • Competitor Research & Report
  • Target Audience Research & Report
  • Search Engine Keyword & PPC Report
  • WOM (Word of Mouth) Research & Report

4. DELIVER FINAL MARKETING REPORT | Detailed report which includes channel marketing strategies (social networks, SEO, PPC, Email, Website sitemap, direct, print, television, content strategy (video, blogs, imagery, text tone, webcasts) Request a sample report.

Design & Implementation Scope of Work | Detailed description of work that will be implemented based on
research and strategy.


6. BETA DELIVERABLES | An initial concept, design, social set up and website development which the client reviews and adjustments are made.

7. RELEASE CANDIDATE | A version with potential to be final product. Final testing is done in this phase.

8. LIVE MODEL | Product is delivered or made live.

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