Marketing Studies In Success

Glens Falls Hospital

Glens Falls Hospital hired MadAddie to redesign their website and create a web strategy based on search engine optimization (SEO). Beginning with research, we uncovered what people were searching and what people were saying about their services. We then interviewed current patients and past patients. This research helped us redefine a new sitemap based on what people really were interested in from Glens Falls Hospital. The research also uncovered that people are not only interested in their doctors, but also the nurses that will be caring for them.

The newly designed website is one of a kind with a nurse and physician directory, pharmacy location application, and patient stories. Optimizing video and embedding into pages will not only help with search ranking but also supports the brand of being a patient driven hospital. The website is in the release candidate stage and will be going live the week of 8/15. You can view it here:www.glensfallshospital.org

Bay State Elevator

Wesley Horth VP Sales & Marketing

“When we began our search to identify a marketing firm to help us grow, we realized we needed a company that could produce an integrated strategy that included SEO optimization, print pieces, and dynamic video. After interviewing a number of firms we felt Kariann and her team at Madaddie had the vision to help us expand in those areas. We couldn’t be happier with the results, Madaddie has delivered an exceptional product that is always on time and on budget. The four phase plan that they designed for our company has positioned us well for growth now and into the future. It has allowed us to focus on our core expertise but at the same time showcase our skills to a larger audience.”

Bays State Elevator hired MadAddie to become more competitive within the elevator industry. Through our detailed competitor and target audience research, we found that many people build new relationships in elevators. People also heavily search for elevator music, elevator pitches and take elevator selfies online. Taking these findings into account, we redesigned the website with a theme of “Building Relationships Floor by Floor.”

Selling elevators is also relationship driven so we carried this same theme through a pocketed brochure piece that the sales team can use as a leave behind, but also use to present proposals and keep their business cards in.

This newly designed site will be going live within the next week. You can view it here: www.baystateelevator.us