International Marketing

It's a small world

The art of international research and international marketing can get pretty maddening. It's an intense process that's not made for the sane.

MadAddie uses many internet-based tools to collect data in a systematic formula that is closer in character to your targets than traditional marketing research practices. Of course, we still combine traditional methods such as in-person focus groups and phone surveys but, our core model uses the technological sophistication of online communication and behaviors, providing more accurate data on a much broader and more diverse geographic scale.

Our research objectives are to drive brand and product strategy through qualitative and quantitative research. Once we review the quantitative research, we then do qualitative research, offering our clients interpretations of trends in diverse cultural contexts. The qualitative research provides insights of the consumption and purchase behavior, as well as predicts future trends. All this allows us to:

  • Measure brand awareness, strength, and perceptions
  • Identify current and emerging industry trends
  • Benchmark key areas of growth
  • Provide competitive intelligence

What can you expect from all this research?

A good understanding of the marketplace

We provide a detailed SWOT Analysis (strengths, weakness, opportunity, threats) of your industry. We provide answers regarding: What are what are the requirements of the marketplace in regard to products/services, price, promotion, and place? How does this differ from country to country? What new products will be entering the market place? How is the industry pricing being defined? What kinds of advertising and promotions do target customers gravitate to within each country? What channel of sales will generate the most cost-effective revenue, direct or online?

Knowing who your competitors really are

We can start with a list of competitors you are directly competing with, but who are your target customers actually interested in? Our Mad researchers can uncover who is searching for companies with similar products/services, what brands and products are they comparing and reviewing online, and which competitors are ranking in the search engines or doing advertising online. This provides a robust list of competitors. The key attributes of competitor research include:

  • Products and services and how they are selling them (online, direct, distributors)
  • New products will they be offering and when they will start offering them
  • Countries are they selling in and how they're selling there
  • Brand position (logo, tagline, messaging)
  • Word of Mouth - what people are saying about their products/services
  • The kinds of content they are producing
  • The kind of advertising they're doing
  • The kinds of marketing channels they are using (television, social media, print, trade shows, search engine marketing)
  • What their website provides and how much traffic they get
  • Where that traffic comes from and who's visiting the site
  • The conversion tools they're using

Understand your target customers

Knowing what your target customers search for, talk about, and purchase can answer many questions and provide a solid marketing plan to attract, engage, and convert them. We help identify:

  • What benefits do customers want from a brand in your category?
  • Are customers aware of your brand, and is it positioned properly to meet their needs?
  • What decision-making process do they go through before making a purchase? (What's their unique conversion funnel?)
  • What are their overall behaviors? What other websites and products do they purchase?
  • What do they think about your business and the competitors?
  • What else do they want in products like yours?
  • What kind of advertising and marketing channels do they engage with?

Global Marketing

Global Marketing is just another term for International Marketing. We have used International marketing as the H1 keyword as it has a higher amount of searches.

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