National Marketing

Crazy connections can be made anywhere

You can make crazy connections from just about anywhere...

Whether you promote locally or nationally depends on the geographic reach your business is striving for. A local marketing plan targets potential patrons in your community and allows you to interact with them. National Marketing takes your message across the country and needs to target many communities.

Your target audience behavior will differ based on their location within a country. For example, a clothing company wants to advertise distinct clothing to specific areas of the country. They should ensure that in the winter, the internet presence of their bathing suit line is targeting Florida and California while their new ski gear is the front runner in a search from Colorado and Vermont.

It's a fact that digital tactics deliver the highest customer acquisition at a lower cost. The internet gives your business relatively easy access to the national marketplace. You can reach a national audience with a unique National Marketing Plan geared by location with many of these tactics:

  • National and Local SEO (yes you need to do both)
  • Social Media based on location
  • Behavioral targeted advertising by demographics and location
  • Directory submissions by category of industry or product
  • Mass email marketing
  • Seasonal campaigns based on regions

Although MadAddie loves digital marketing, you can't reach everyone this way. It's important to have an integrated National Marketing mix that includes traditional tactics such as television advertising, magazine ads, and direct printed promotions. This mix of marketing tactics will be based on your target audience and your company's needs. The Marketing Plan will be unique to you.