Marketing Implementation

It's alive. ALIVE!

Look! It's moving. It's sha — it's... it's alive. It's alive... It's alive, it's moving, it's alive! It's alive, it's alive, it's alive! It's ALIVE!

- Henry Frankenstein

It is time to pull the lever so the genius of MadAddie can live! And being the mad scientists that we are, we begin to immediately test and refine our creation.

As we monitor for activity and conversion, we’ll glean new insights for future Internet campaigns. Our next steps define online content sought by your audience and branded web tools that they use most frequently. As you more deeply engage with the research that supports your marketing strategy, you will continue to grow your market and push conversion.
This implementation phase is a great place to initiate team training where necessary to support in-house engagement and ensure optimal practices.


Prior to implementation, our trained team members are solid with the plan and scope of the engagement. They understand the timelines and delivery dates. Through our Google Project Management System, daily updates and deliverables are automatically generated. The MadAddie implementation team is highly motivated to deliver the best quality of coding and functionality. There are three main stages of implementation.

Beta deliverables | An initial concept, design, social set up and website development which we review with each client, making adjustments and refinements per your input.

Release candidate | A version with potential to be a final product. Final testing on all browsers and platforms are done in this phase to ensure accuracy and consistency.

Live Model | Product is delivered and/or made live.