Marketing Research


Market Research

Do you know what your competitors, target audience and market is doing? We do!

It's a crazy world! Everyone is being tracked in some fashion or form. MadAddie has access to much of this information. Uncovering your competitors, target audience behaviors and the state of your market builds the foundation of formulating a solid marketing plan, website, or online campaign.

Where it all begins...

COMPETITOR RESEARCH | Gain Meaningful Insights

You are on the move and so is your competition. While it's important to focus on what makes your brand unique, it's essential to be aware of other market activity.

Beginning with detailed research, MadAddie will review competitors’ brands and marketing efforts nationally and worldwide. This will provide valuable information to benchmark your current status in order to properly design a new logo and website that accurately reflects and differentiates the your brand. This research will also uncover additional marketing recommendations, supporting targeted conversion.

Competitor research includes:

  • Brand Positioning (Logo, tagline based on location)
  • Products, Services and Pricing
  • Location and penetration (International, national, regional, local)
  • How they are selling (online, relationship driven)
  • Website traffic – who is visiting their site and how they are getting there (search engines, social networks, email, other websites)
  • Website design & functionality – what tools do they provide and conversions by current website users
  • Search engine keywords and ranking
  • Optimization tactics
  • Backlinks
  • PPC – Pay Per Click advertising
  • Content Strategy (Website, Blogs, Newsletters, Email, PR)
  • Content Syndication (what sites are they disseminating their sites content)
  • WOM (Word of Mouth – what people are saying about them online, such as social posts and reviews)
  • Social Networking (including who is in their network)
  • Mobile capabilities and advertising
  • Tradeshows and events
  • Printed materials (brochures, mail, business cards)
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Campaigns they produce and how effective they are
  • Video and TV commercials

MARKET RESEARCH | Keep Up With Market Shifts

MadAddie understands the distinct implications that technology, generational changes, and social media have on different markets. We are able to dig in, understand the market, and apply the current and future shifts to help uncover potential opportunities. Today's business climate could be described as "change or die." With MadAddie's help, you will be able to embrace these changes with ease and thrive using the research we uncover. This process is customized to every business. A personal consultation is needed to formulate a plan and to help you gain perspective on the powerful insights that await.

  • Research where your industry is going
  • Determine location growth (online, regional, national, global)
  • Define future competitors

TARGET AUDIENCE RESEARCH | Different Audiences = Different Behaviors

Implementing a differentiated plan of attack by behavioral segment is impossible without the foundational insights to drive the activity and messaging. This critical piece of analysis is achieved in a multidimensional way.

MadAddie examines behaviors:

  • Their demographics
  • The channels they engage with most
  • The keywords are they using in the search engine
  • What they think about your clients and the competitors (WOM)
  • How they are making their purchasing decisions
  • What they are doing when they are not online
  • What events and trade shows they go to
  • What other websites they visit
  • What content they engage with and share

When this information is amassed it becomes the fuel for a plan that ramps up customer relationships.

Building audience profiles provides perspective. The target audience profile takes into consideration all of the insights gathered from the three areas of competition research, market, and audience analysis. It includes behavioral and technographic insights as well as the messaging and keywords they respond to, the activities that they engage in online, and their preferences for products, services, and advertising. The target audience profile provides critical perspective to inform the development of strategy.

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