SALES & MARKETING CONSULTATION....What do you and your business need? Let's sit down and talk about it. This is the first step to any successful partnership. We can help you succeed.

Sales and Marketing should be akin to a successful marriage...each complementing and enhancing the other. MadAddie provides the nurturing and counseling needed to make the relationship work in the long-term.

MadAddie’s marketing services are constructed for two reasons:

  • To attract an audience and convert them into customers and clients
  • To provide you with the highest possible ROI...or Return On Investment for your DOLLAR

You don't work this hard without an expectation of TANGIBLE, real-time positive effects to your bottom line. What results are your dollars getting? That IS The Bottom Line.

At MadAddie, we conceptualize our marketing process to set us apart from the crowd, we imagine a funnel. The funnel shape depicts the path that consumers take to learn about your company, products, and services. It demonstrates what channels they use to find out about your products and services, and illustrates HOW they engage with you. What strategies turn them from Business PROSPECT...to Business PARTNER? We call this a conversion funnel. It is, quite literally, the conversion of a prospect to a paying customer and client.

The challenge is in knowing which consumers represent your best opportunity before your competition engages them. Profiling consumer behavior strengthens your conversion funnel.

Market forces driving consumer behavior are different for every industry. Research and analysis, therefore, is an essential starting point. From there, just like the conversion funnel, your MadAddie marketing strategy is built one customized layer at a time.


The marketing services of analysis and research, design and development, implementation and optimization is how MadAddie will drive conversion, the highest possible ROI, and optimize results, taking your company to mad heights – with style.

Analyze This – Research Services

Our in-depth marketing research uncovers what your competitors are doing, identifies what your target audience wants, and projects where your market industry is headed. We use a multitude of tools, coupled with our strategic analysis, to move you forward in defining your future marketing strategies. This keeps the competition at bay.

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From Madness Comes Innovation – Strategy Services

Strategy is the name of our game. Once all the research has been done, we develop a strategic plan for your business that effectively and efficiently targets your audience and engages them. We work with your internal sales and marketing team to customize and design a marketing plan, and we successfully execute and manage the plan with you.

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Creative Mixology - Design Services

Hold on to your hats! This is where research, innovation, and crazy imagination unite. We let our talented and innovative graphic design team get inspired by your brand and business. They design genius looks for your brands, advertising, website structures, social networks, deployment channels, and marketing emails. This ensures that you visually dominate your competition and reach your audience on a global, national, or local scale.

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It's Alive! – Implementation Services

Development is our middle name! MadAddie's foundation is based upon conversion and this translates to functionality, with the end result being action. The optimal end game is to incite the prospective client or customer to buy your product or service online.

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Our commitment to you never ends. We are continually optimizing, updating, and tweaking the conversion-making machine in order to ensure that your company is reaching its goals and achieving the highest ROI from your marketing mix.

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Sales and marketing are co-dependent processes. Yet, so many companies believe that they exist as separate and unrelated coordinates in their organization. The end goal of marketing research and strategies is not only to drive business to your organization, but also to provide a cohesive framework for each of your unique salespeople to follow. MadAddie works with each member of your sales staff to help them define their own unique sales strategies and to support them with marketing tactics that support their own personalities of selling. We work with your company to identify what your unique sales staff can do to build upon their current tactics and to better capitalize on their capabilities.

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